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'Article Edit' approval notification email does not contain locale in the article link


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1. log into support stage (non en-US locale) like <> with account 'A'
2. make 'edit' to an article <>
3. log-in with an 'Approver' account 'B'
4. Approve the edit made to the article in step 2
5. Check the email of Account A for the approval notification

Actual result:
The article link in the email is <>

Expected result:
The link should be <>
Vishal, let's work on finding out if this is only approval notifications.
Keywords: qawanted
This behavior is seen for all types of notifications (Category/Page/Locale).
This is also happening on Prod so its not a regression from current release.
Changing to 1.5.5
Target Milestone: 1.5.4 → 1.5.5
Keywords: qawanted
QA Contact: kb-articles → stephen.donner
Got time to look into this?
Assignee: nobody → paulc
Priority: -- → P1
Looking at the code, it seems that the locale of the email is based on the locale of the user's preferences, not the URL, which is how it should be, IMO.

I verified that this is the case on stage-new for approval notifications.

Vishal/Stephen: you could play with the user's locale and see if that changes the notification's locale. Reopen this if necessary.
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For clarification, here are my STR:

1. Login with user A, make sure your "Language" setting in tiki-user_preferences.php is NOT 'en-US', say 'ro'
2. Edit a staging article.
3. Log in with a different user B. Approve that edit.

User A receives an email with the article url like so:

Haven't tested all notifications but even if locale is not set, that's fine - if user is logged in, the redirect is to the user's locale.
Sorry for the confusion. I was wrong in the STR in comment 0. The article link int he approval email does not have any locale. So, when you click on the link it redirects you to en-US even though you have set your "language' preference to other language.
This is the email I got:
The page new_test was changed by vish_moz at Wed 09 of Jun, 2010 15:02 PST
Comment: aprroved

You can view the page by following this link:

Resolution: INVALID → ---
Summary: 'Article Edit' approval notification email provides wrong locale link → 'Article Edit' approval notification email does not contain locale in the article link
Talked about this - if you are logged in, you will be redirected to your own locale. However, for logged out users receiving this notification, they will be taken to their browser's accept-language, which is not expected behavior.

The bug is legitimate but I'm unprioritizing it. James, feel free to push it out or take the bug if you need it within 3 weeks :)
Priority: P1 → --
Assignee: paulc → nobody
Component: Knowledge Base Articles → General
QA Contact: stephen.donner → general
We have fixed this a few weeks ago.
Closed: 10 years ago8 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
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