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add full acceptance testing for MIPS to deep phase


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Currently MIPS testing is too slow to have in the phase 1 "test" section so we are currently only running smokes (to ensure that the shell is working). We need to add a second MIPS machine into the build system that we can run a full acceptance pass release and debug in the deep phase of the build system.

This will require 
1) configuration updates to the build system 
2) setting up a host machine to run the buildbot slave and to remotely access the MIPS box (testing on mips is done remotely from another machine, see bugs #524129, #559038)
3) modify/confirm entries in testconfig.txt for current "arm-*" skips/failures are the same for "mips-*"
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Summary: [buildbot] add full acceptance testing for MIPS to deep phase → add full acceptance testing for MIPS to deep phase
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full acceptance pass said to take ~ 1h40+ minutes to run
Ideally we could cross-compile python so that a host machine isn't necessary, but I've been unsuccessful thus far.

This is the most promising info I've found:

I'm unable to successfully compile, mostly due to missing dependencies which I've not been able to fully resolve.  I've tried ubuntu 9.10 and 10.4.  I'll try with openSUSE next.
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Attached patch add mips-deep (obsolete) — Splinter Review
- adds a generic way to run acceptance via the all/ script
- runs acceptance release and debug currently, may add before this is pushed
- TODO: still need to update testconfig.txt to mark/match known failures and to skip tests that will not run properly (will start with arm-* as the base)
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add mips-deep

- one thing that I wasn't sure on and would like feedback is if the run-acceptance-generic-ssh script should be hardcoded to --threads=1 in the runtests call, or should that just be in the buildbot config. Currently for the way that it is working it MUST be single threaded otherwise the client that is being ssh'd into will have necessary files deleted by one thread while the other is trying to run
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add mips-deep

+ Pending an answer to the question about --threads=1.
Attached patch v2 add mips deep (obsolete) — Splinter Review
- move the --threads=1 into the buildbot config, no sense hard coding in the generic script since future uses of the script may handle multiple threads
- fix an issue in the script where it would deploy the wrong shell, was deploying the $shell_release instead of what was passed to the shell and downloaded
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Attached patch v3 add mips deepSplinter Review
version that will be pushed

- make sure to remove EXITCODE=# from the stdout before returning it to, this makes sure that tests that have .out file matching work correctly

- make sure that the script writes to a local file instead of a common /tmp/stdout, the previous way obviously causes problems if you try and run the script from multiple slaves on one machine
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v3 add mips deep

patch pushed as 4881:04811339be3b
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