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[k] Index new discussion forums in Sphinx


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Since these are moving out of the tiki_comments table, we'll need to update Sphinx to index the new data, and query it differently.

My instinct tells me we might not need to include these in a basic search at all, only if you're specifically looking for them. (IE: we could set &w=4 to indicate searching the discussion forums. Then setting w=3 as the default would not include them.)

We will also need to add advanced search UI if we go that route. If Cww is OK with not including discussion forums in basic searches, I'll file a separate bug for the UI.
AFAIK, we aren't including them currently - we're only returning threads from the support forum (id: 1)
That's fine.  No need to include basic forums in searches for issues.  I imagine that if you're searching the Contributor forum, you already know what thread you're looking for and so you probably will do a specific search.
Still shows up from reports as recently as Sunday.  Got screenshot from a user:
Ooops wrong bug... ack, way too many tabs.  sigh
Filed bug 562203 for the search UI.
Blocks: 562203
Summary: [k] Search new discussion forums → [k] Index new discussion forums in Sphinx
Assignee: nobody → james
Blocks: 567187
Paul, I know I said I'd get to this but I've been blocking you for way too long.
Assignee: james → paulc
No longer blocks: 567187
Priority: -- → P1
Merged and pushed.

QA: This is not noticeable in the UI - that's what bug 562203 is for.
Closed: 10 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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