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[OS X 64] Box shadows with non-zero blur radius don't display in Mac 64 bit builds


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Using -moz-box-shadow with blur radius results in the shadow not being rendered, for example in this testcase:

Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a reftest that would catch this.

This regressed in the following range:

The cairo update (bug 542605) seems like the most likely culprit to me, but I haven't verified it.
Unsurprisingly, text-shadow is equally br0ken.
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CGFloat is defined as double on 64-bit so replacing CGFloat with float is wrong.

We've had this same issue come up before (at least 3 times). They show up as these errors:
warning: passing argument X of 'Symbol’ from incompatible pointer type

I don't think we can raise these as errors in GCC but I'm going to fill and bug and try to have the push build report an error if these error are present in the build log. We should be able to avoid these errors in the future as they might be common as we switch to 64-bit.
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Fixed the bit-rot of this patch. It's added to my patch queue so I'll check it in with my next batch of changes.
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