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Implement universal manifest format for Mozilla test tools


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Per an auto-tools meeting, we'd like to use JSON to express universal test manifests.  There are several individual work items for this to happen, so this will be a tracking bug for the overall work.
Depends on: 563722
Depends on: 563724
Depends on: 563726
I seem to remember that "we" didn't really include the developers who need to update the manifests, or does my memory fail me?
This bug is fairly dated.  While we continue (slowly) to move towards a universal manifest, due to popular demand we are not using JSON and instead are using a .ini format.  We have consulted with several developers about the effort.  I apologize that our communications have not been entirely forthcoming.  We're still in a WIP stage and after things get more solid and we'll be more forthcoming with documentation and communication when things get more solid.

The basic .ini format for tests is documented here:

This is still a bit underdocumented and while the format is not likely to change, the README and various packaging issues are likely to change in the near future.  

You're more than welcome to ask any questions or raise any concerns about the format on this bug or pop on in to #ateam.  Otherwise, documentation and communication forthcoming
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