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9 years ago
Currently people can create a BYOB build without any customization (beside the title of the build). Of course this not what byob is for :) 

So either we :
a) allow people to do no customization and bringing them a kind of warning/notice
b) display a warning/notice that no customization was made and customizations need to be made first to proceed with building the byob build.
r68142 introduces these changes:

* A browser is considered customized if a section other than "General" has been changed.

* The "Request release" button is not shown for browsers without customizations in the user's profile list.

* There are now "Review and Build" and "Save and Close" buttons in the wizard, rather than just "Save and Review" - I figured users who just wanted to save changes and walk away without requesting a build may have been getting confused.

* The review dialog displays a warning for uncustomized browsers, and the "Build This Browser" button is not shown. "Cancel" is the only option in this case.

* If a user still somehow makes it to the release request page, they're bounced over to the review dialog with the warning displayed.

So, in a nutshell, all paths to request a release should be closed off with warnings until a browser has had some customizations applied.
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