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Bug 563274 is cleaning up some of the prompting code, and it's annoying to have to deal with two string bundles for a common prompt implementation. There are only 4 strings in, so let's just move them to a different file.

Also, it's the singular "commonDialog" everywhere else (.dtd/.js/.xul), so I renamed to
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(Note that bugzilla's diff-viewer is confused about the change to toolkit/locales/; the line is being modified not deleted)
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Patch v.1

This is an r+/-, I like the general concept of the patch, but we shouldn't do the file rename, IMHO.

There's perhaps a handful of localizers that can read and use the patch as help, and will do an hg mv on their side, the others quite likely loose their work. Given that quite a few localizations don't even work on central, we can't help them either.

Thus, I'd say there's too little to win with the rename here.

Noting this as an r-, as quite a bit of the patch is the actual rename.
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Pike: How about if I write a script to to the hg rename in the L10N repos? And, I suppose, also automate the appending of to That should eliminate any need for localizers to do any work as a result of this patch.
Yeah, doing scripts would help, if it'd be easy when to run them. For those actively working on l10n-central, we might create a race, we'll need to reach out a lot to make sure people pull and merge, and then there's a long tail for which l10n-central is totally irrelevant, as we'll branch 1.9.3 off of 1.9.2 for them. At which point we'd have to run the scripts again etc.

Loads of paperwork, really.
Axel: I'm not sure if you're saying we can do this or not.

I'd still like to make this change (w/rename script). I don't understand why you raise the issues in comment 4 -- mozilla-central users have similar issues every day, so I wonder why we're using a DVCS for l10n-central if we can't make use of even basic capabilities like this? The priorities here seem backward.
We have roughly 40 localization teams for which l10n-central doesn't make any sense, and won't be used as a base for fx 4.

We also have a large userbase on web-based translation systems like narro or pootle, and local systems like the translation toolkit, which just export to a directory structure, with little to none support for things like renames.

We should not do the rename.
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Updated patch, just rolls into [Does not rename commonDialogs to commonDialog]
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Patch v.2

looks good, yeah.
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