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spidermonkey/js1_5/Regress/ is locale-specific


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This test case is dependent on locale.  It observes the value of getTimeZoneOffset at July 1 at various points in time throughout history and assumes that the value will be the same as that for July 1, 2005.  That is incorrect, because various countries have had daylight savings time on and (notably) off for various time periods throughout the 19th century.  In Norway, DST was not in effect from 1965 to 1980, for example.  ( - as a curiosity, Norway had DST also during the winter 1940-1942.)

The test may have been correct for ECMAScript 3, which made assumptions about DST that turned out not to hold in practice.  I've not checked to see whether that language was fixed in ES5, but any implementation that goes to the operating system's tables to deal with DST will end up violating ES3 sooner or later, yet be "more correct" in an important sense.

I am going to disable the test for now; a permanent solution should be found.
Rob: you may want to add this to the TZ plan.
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Tamarin isn't maintained anymore. WONTFIX remaining bugs.
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