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L10n hg account for Michael Bauer


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Are there any general recommendations on how to access the repository for Windows users?
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Michael: We will need a copy of the Mozilla Committer's agreement signed and returned to Erica McClure:

The form is here:

We also need someone to vouch for you.

Will try to find a link re: your question about accessing using Windows.
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I already faxed the form to Erica this afternoon (about 6 hrs ago) and Axel said he'd deal with the vouching bit.
Adding Erica for the form and Axel for the vouching.
Ah I guess I should have done that. Should I also have mentioned this is for the Scottish Gaelic (gd) localisation?
I have received Michael's Committer's Agreement.
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Vouching based on my review in bug 471773.

This is ready for IT, please create an ldap account with scm_l10n hg bits. Make sure to send out an ldap password mail, too.
Assignee: marcia → server-ops
Depends on: 471773
Summary: Commit Access (Level 1) for Michael Bauer → L10n hg account for Michael Bauer
Whiteboard: ssh-key,voucher,form
Component: Account Request: Hg → Repository Account Requests
QA Contact: hg-acct-req → repo-acct-req
Assignee: server-ops → aravind
Created a mercurial account and e-mailed the password.  For general instructions on using our mercurial system - please refer to the docs here,

Unfortunately, none of those are specific to windows.  Axel might have some tips for you.
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I'm trying to help Michael get hg working and we're running into some problems.  He'll follow up with details soon, I hope.  Will his ssh key be used to access the hg repository?  Has it been uploaded to the server yet?
Details are: when we tell Cygwin to
hg clone ssh://
TortoisePlink prompts me to login as. When I enter my email Putty throws a fatal error saying "Disconnected: No supported authentication methods available", leaving Cygwin to tell me "abort: no suitable response from remote hg!"
The easiest way to debug things is if you could join us on irc, #l10n, irc://

There are a bunch of technical details to figure out that go easier step by step than in one big debugging doc.
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