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[meta] Paper cuts: Being in Control


(Firefox :: General, defect)





(Reporter: limi, Unassigned)


(Depends on 25 open bugs, Blocks 1 open bug)


(Keywords: meta)

(This is a meta bug used to group the focus issues from the Paper Cuts project)

Issues that causes people to feel like they aren't in control of their browser.
Alias: cuts-control
Depends on: 565104
Depends on: 355063
Depends on: 565553
Depends on: 509664
Depends on: 565561
Depends on: 565565
Depends on: 565566
Depends on: 565567
Depends on: 565573
Depends on: 565575
Depends on: 492544
Depends on: 565621
Compare bug 86194 - More power to the user
Blocks: useragent
Nominating bug 245333 (ignore autocomplete=off).
Depends on: 565718
Depends on: 565760
Depends on: 565762
Depends on: 565764
Depends on: 565768
Depends on: 449734
No longer depends on: 565762
Depends on: 517870
Depends on: 565966
Depends on: 565973
Depends on: 565993
Depends on: 565995
Depends on: 566008
Depends on: 566060
Depends on: 496232
Depends on: 566371
Depends on: 407241
Depends on: 544356
Depends on: 566486
Depends on: 566489
Depends on: 566494
Depends on: 566497
Depends on: 545595
Depends on: 334987
Depends on: 566509
Depends on: 549446
Depends on: 566525
Depends on: 566528
Depends on: 566529
Depends on: alertloops
No longer depends on: 565565
No longer depends on: 566371
No longer blocks: 565541
Depends on: 565541
No longer depends on: 565553
Depends on: 453455
Since bug 245333 has been closed as "WontFix", adding bug 425145, which addresses the same issue.  See in particular my comment at <>.
Depends on: 425145
Depends on: 399908
Depends on: 317056
Depends on: 70830
Depends on: 259932
Depends on: 260611
Depends on: 261124
Depends on: 275223
Depends on: 278247
Depends on: 423617
Depends on: 455722
Depends on: 468535
No longer depends on: 399908
Depends on: 418476
Depends on: 410936
Depends on: 418505
Depends on: 410986
Depends on: 561177
No longer depends on: 561177
Depends on: 246365
No longer depends on: 418505
Depends on: 17754
It's not mentioned in comment 0, but Limi intended for people to nominate bugs for tracking in the comments; he and the UX team will add them to the dependency list if they feel that the bug is of sufficient value and quality.

(Removing recent addition of bug 17754)
No longer depends on: 17754
No longer depends on: 410936
No longer depends on: 418476
Nominating bug 101664 "Password Manager option to remember username only".
No longer depends on: 565575
No longer depends on: 566525
Depends on: 606286
No longer depends on: 496232
Depends on: 593673
No longer depends on: 593673
Depends on: 378775
Depends on: 659437
No longer depends on: 518516
Depends on: 741198
Depends on: 765609
No longer depends on: 741198
No longer depends on: 765609
(In reply to Worcester12345 from comment #6)
bug 213467
bug 231062
bug 239223
bug 307366
bug 262854
bug 252951
bug 383052

Please add the above.
Depends on: 594050
No longer depends on: 594050
Depends on: 675818
Nominating Bug 864003: Prevent scripts from prohibiting the user to resize a popup/window
Depends on: 444080
Depends on: 50673
(In reply to Worcester12345 from comment #7)
> (In reply to Worcester12345 from comment #6)
> bug 213467
> bug 231062
> bug 239223
> bug 307366
> Please add the above.
I'm finding valid issues in cuts-control to add into Project QX(Bug 1244854). Let's try to fix them and make thing happen. At the same time, I'll close invalid issues.
Can you please add to the list of bugs blocking this bug?

Bug 1390490 - "middle" or command-clicking on link opens new "pop up" window, instead of opening link in new tab
Depends on: 1390490
Depends on: 1518518
Summary: Paper cuts: Being in Control → [meta] Paper cuts: Being in Control

So much control over the browser was lost in 2017 with introduction of WebExtensions.
We need session management API and some related projects to be completed (some bugs are marked as closed): is missing (badly) here.

Related to the summary, and to give you an impression from a long term Firefox user to this general topic: not being able to restore the last session correctly for about 13 years now results in a deep love-hate relationship, that average users typically solve by moving away (given they don't have a strong enough masochistic streak).

The only reason to stick with Firefox is, that the alternatives are even more evil.

Now imagine, how big the gain could be to make those frustrated users happy campers again!

Could you add this to the list?

Does anyone know if it's on schedule to work on "enhancements" (aka stuff they broke when changed to web extensions mainly) or if all this depends solely on the good will of random contributors?

It would be nice if they could assign people check and decide if a feature is going to be considered for implementation or not and then assign other people to do "enhancements" to try to clear features that people have been asking for years. If there is no direction and works gets depending on if a random contributor want's to work on it or not we end up with 10+ year threads like this one.

Depends on: 1539511
Severity: normal → S3
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