Set up Thunderbird 3.1.x builders on the comm/gecko relbranch.



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8 years ago
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(Reporter: standard8, Assigned: gozer)


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8 years ago
For 3.1 RC1 & 3.1 final we need a defined version of gecko to base ourselves on.

Therefore we need to create a new branch of mozilla-1.9.2, and then it would be best to fix our builders on that, so that nightlies match what we're going to ship.

Additionally we have a couple of fixes that aren't in but we need to get in there, so they can land on that branch as well (they will hopefully be going into
Please also keep Calendar in Mind, we want to be releasing 1.0b2 from the same comm/gecko relbranch.

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8 years ago
Base of branch: FIREFOX_3_6_4_BUILD4

(there may be a build 5, but afaik at this stage all the remaining issues they have there we won't need).

New comm-1.9.2 branch: COMM1924_20100514_RELBRANCH

I've landed a couple of bugs on there so its been created.

gozer: can you get the 1.9.2 builders onto this (both Thunderbird & Lightning)
Assignee: bugzilla → gozer

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8 years ago

TB Production & Calendar buildbot reconfigured.
Last Resolved: 8 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED

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8 years ago
Managed to push the wrong change, now fixed.
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