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The Add-On Compatibility Reporter was a GREAT SUCCESS for Firefox 3.6. I think we should look at including it with all versions of Firefox (perhaps as the default UI treatment when a user indicates they wish to disable compatibility checking? or via some other switch/preference?) since it really helps add-on authors, and since it strongly indicates to users the risks of installing a potentially incompatible add-on.
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See bug 564870.
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The way the add-on works right now, the Compatibility button appears by default for *all* add-ons, even compatible one.

Given that this is probably something <1% of users will use, that seems a bit intrusive to me.

If integrated, some ideas to be less intrusive:

- the button should appear only for incompatible add-ons
- it should be a context menu item
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> - the button should appear only for incompatible add-ons
> - it should be a context menu item

Those items were the result of the talk Brian and myself had yesterday.

As a general information for me how I have to schedule my time for testing, I would be interested for which milestone we plan the integration, or if it will happen at all.
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This is not on the cards for Firefox 4.
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Duplicate of this bug: 639464

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8 years ago
I'm not sure if bug 639464 or rather the feature request is covered by this bug.
The Add-on compatibility reporter is mainly used (as I understand it) to find bugs related to interoperability between (new) firefox versions and add-ons.
What I would like to have is a button next to each add-on entry on the Add-ons manager "Extensions" tab with installed add-ons that allows the user to give feedback (positive or negative) directly to the developer.
This would be feedback not related to compatibility but to the add-on itself, e.g. does it do what (it claims / what the user expects), suggestions for improvement, praise, bugs, etc...
This could perhaps include a rating too and possibly the user could be asked for feedback (non intrusive please :)) when uninstalling an add-on via this mechanism as well.


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Duplicate of this bug: 1154880

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4 years ago
Would this functionality also allow reporting abandoned or abusive add-ons to Mozilla, or is it just to notify authors? As I said in the previously duped bug 1154880,
* The average user doesn't know about this site, which is where you're supposed to report add-ons. That's how you end up with extensions that break essential functionality for 5 Firefox versions before the problem is addressed [1].
* Add-ons that simply don't do what they're supposed to (anymore) [2] don't have their compatibility range altered. I was told this isn't a concern [3]. It hardly seems appropriate to have review after review complain that the add-on doesn't work, yet still have that green “Add to Firefox button” that says, “Someone at Mozilla reviewed this; go ahead and install it with confidence”.

[1] Bug 1138986.

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