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tab-switching keyboard shortcuts iterate over all tabs not just the active subset


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i use keyboard shortcuts to switch between tabs. if i activate a tabcandy group (subset of total tabs) and use keyboard to switch past the left or right end of the group, i get the other tabs, but the tabbar doesn't update.

i think the preferred action is to just operate on the active subset of tabs.

an alternative would be to update the tabbar with the other tabs, but i think that breaks the tab-group interaction.
Agreed, on the preferred action.
bumping priority. not only does this break the tab UI, but it also grievously breaks the grouping illusion. for users who heavily use the keyboard to switch tabs, this makes daily dogfooding very difficult.
Priority: -- → P1
Aza, Dietrich, any tips on how to control where those keys take us?
you could listen for the right key events, check for matching combination, and call event.preventDefault() or maybe event.stopPropagation(). i think the former should work and is preferable, iiuc.

once tabcandy lands in core, we can just redefine those.
Sounds like a job for Raymond (once he comes on board)
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This patch allows users to iterate active tabs using keyboard shortcuts.

@Ian/Aza, please check the patch and apply it to the repos if it's ok.
Looks good! Applied in:
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Mass moving all Tab Candy bugs from Mozilla Labs to Firefox::Tab Candy.  Filter the bugmail spam with "tabcandymassmove".
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