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add memory reporter for win32 memory


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Not set





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We can get Working Set, and on XPSP2+, Private Bytes -- the PB number is actually a useful one, but WS is what users will see in the XP task manager by default.  (Later will see PB.)

This simple patch just adds the query functions to our standard reporters.
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I don't think I can competently review this without doing a bunch of winapi reading first... might be better to pick on robarnold or someone like that?
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add win32 mem reporters

Ah right, good call; a win32 reviewer is probably best for this.  Trying Jim Mathies, not sure how busy rob is.
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add win32 mem reporters

win32 calls look ok to me. 

> "",

spelling nit maybe or  truncated on purpose?
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Checked in with typo fix, thanks!
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I checked in a bustage fix for non-libxul builds which was making sure we linked against the psapi.lib for xpcom_core.dll:
This bug broke compilation for me. From further investigation, it's because psapi is not linked when --disable-ipc and libxul option is used, but it's now required for core XPCOM now. The attached patch fixes the problem.
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Fixed compilation with --disable-ipc.

-> ted for build system related approvals
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> Created an attachment (id=446702) [details]
> Fixed compilation with --disable-ipc.

Pushed as:
Keywords: checkin-needed
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