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Enable time tracking for Tamarin product



7 years ago
6 years ago


(Reporter: Trevor Baker, Assigned: reed)





7 years ago
Is it possible to get a free text custom field for Tamarin entitled "Estimate"?

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7 years ago
Sure, but here's what we offer just in case:
* Bug ID
* Large Text Box
* Free Text
* Multiple-Selection Box
* Drop Down
* Date/Time

Still want free text over something else in the list above?

Also, how do you want this field treated? Should anybody be allowed to edit it, or do you want to restrict it to certain people?

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7 years ago
From the bugzilla docs:
Free Text: A single line box for entering free text.

This is what we want.  It can be freely edited and does not need to be restricted.


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7 years ago
Reed - just for the sake of discussion, the reason we want the field is for attaching work estimate to some bugs, for planning.  Is there a different best practice for doing that in bugzilla, with the existing fields?  if there is, we can take a look at that first.  We're just not aware of one.  (we know we can stuff anything into the whiteboard field, but a dedicated field might be better).

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7 years ago
Is this enabled for any products?  Maybe we could get by with time-tracking.

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7 years ago
there's a request by some people for time-tracking to be enabled. personally i've found time tracking to be high overhead (spam) for little benefit.

the "whiteboard" is a free text field which is generally available and useful however you like. for a quasi private product like tamarin, it is unlikely that anyone else will touch it.... it's technically a shared resource but that only matters to the extent that someone else would have an interest and need to annotate your bugs, which seems unlikely.

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7 years ago

Let's finalize this request.  I'd like two custom text fields:

Estimate:   Hours remaining on this work item
Story Points: Estimated Story points for this work item

These are free text and can be edited by anyone.

Do  you require any further information?


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7 years ago
One last request:  change Estimate to Hours Remaining:



7 years ago
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7 years ago
Time tracking has been enabled for anybody with an bugmail address. If anybody else needs access to it, open a new bug. Thanks!
Assignee: nobody → reed
Last Resolved: 7 years ago
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7 years ago
Depends on: 554098
Summary: request custom field for Tamarin product → Enable time tracking for Tamarin product
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