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[Linux] Some search engines' suggestions don't work in Firefox search field




9 years ago
11 months ago


(Reporter: BenB, Unassigned)




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9 years ago
1. Get "GMX" search plugin
2. set it as search engine in Firefox
3. type something in the search field.

Actual results:
You see no search suggestions dropdown.

Expected results:
You see search suggestions in dropdown.

- Google search shows suggestions in Firefox Linux.
- GMX suggestions work in Firefox Mac.
- Loading the GMX suggestions URL manually in curl or Firefox Linux
  browser window works.
- Transfer-Encoding: chunked seems broken on Linux, see bug 567527.
  That seems to be the cause for this bug.

So, this bug is just a placeholder in the Firefox Product, which should be resolved by solving the Core bug.
Filing anyways for tracking, and in case chunked wasn't the reason after all.


9 years ago
Summary: [Linux] Some search engine's suggestions don't work in Firefox search field. → [Linux] Some search engines' suggestions don't work in Firefox search field
Ben, is that only the case for the first search? I can see something similar here when running Mozmill tests. The searchsuggestions test always fail when I run it because no suggestions dropdown is shown. But when I blur the search bar and refocus again, a search shows up the search suggestions.

Comment 2

9 years ago
Henrik, as I say above, it works for me with Google, and I believe to have tracked down the reason for this bug in bug 567527.
Alright. So I have filed a new bug 571379 for my specific issue.
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