favicon drag and drop from urlbar onto notification strip doesn't hide tab drag-and-drop indicator arrow




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8 years ago
8 years ago


(Reporter: mcdavis941 (sporadically reading bugmail), Unassigned)


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An obscure one, but FWIW:

If you drag the favicon from the urlbar and drop it onto a content area notification strip, after passing over the tabstrip so as to trigger a tab drag-and-drop indicator arrow, then the tab drag-and-drop indicator arrow is still displayed after the drop, but shouldn't be.

The same thing happens if the drop target is the content area itself, if the content area has a notification strip.

Observed with Fx3.6.3 and Fx3.6.4 beta only:

  Fx3.0.19 - ok
  Fx3.5.9 - ok
  Fx3.6.3 - arrow still shown after drop
  Fx3.6.4beta build 4 - arrow still shown after drop
  Fx3.7a5pre - ok

Observed on Win Vista.  Not sure about other platforms -- I only looked at Vista.

1. Start either Fx3.6.3 or Fx3.6.4beta.
2. Fresh profile
3. Default theme
4. Make sure at least one of the tabs has a content-area notification strip, such as http://mxr.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/source/modules/plugin/test/reftest/plugin-sanity.html
5. Drag the favicon in the urlbar across the tab strip such that you trigger a drop indicator, keep dragging and hover the tab for the page with the notification strip so that tab becomes focused, then finish the drop by releasing on either the notification strip or the content area below the notification strip.
6. Notice that the tab drag-and-drop indicator is still shown.

Expected result:
- tab drag-and-drop indicator hidden after drop

Actual result:
- tab drag-and-drop indicator is still shown after drop
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