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Can't input multiple addresses on single TO: line anymore after "upgrading" from v2 to v3


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In Thunderbird 2 I was able to enter multiple addresses on the "To:" line, separated by commas.

In Thunderbird 3 this no longer works.


In TB2 I could enter:

To: dad, mom, tom, dick, harry

When I hit the Tab key, the cursor would move down to the message body pane, and all of the addresses in the To: field would be split onto separate lines and converted to their appropriate entries in the Address Book, so it would look like:

To: "dad" <>
To: "mom" <>
To: "Tom Smith" <>
To: "Dick van Head" <****>
To: "Harry Armepitte" <>

Now, in Version 3.0.4, if I enter the same thing on the "To:" line, when I hit tab the cursor still moves to the message body pane, and the addresses still split onto multiple "To:" lines, but the addresses don't seem to get looked up in the Address Book anymore: the names on the multiple lines don't get converted, it just looks like:

To: dad
To: mom
To: tom
To: dick
To: harry

...and all the names are colored red. 

If I try to send the e-mail like that it has errors.

So if I want to send to multiple recipients, I have to type one recip into the To: field, hit tab for it to do the Address Book lookup and convert the nickname into a proper address, then manually click the next "To:" field.

This definitely doesn't seem like an "upgrade feature" so I assume it's a bug.


Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Compose a new e-mail
2. Enter multiple recipients as nicknames or partial addresses (this was supported in TB2)
3. Hit tab
4. Shake fist in frustration
Actual Results:  
I filed a bug report.

Expected Results:  
Converted the nicknames and partial addresses into full addresses
Whiteboard: dupeme
Known regression, unfortunately not fixed in the upcoming 3.1 yet either...
Closed: 14 years ago
Resolution: --- → DUPLICATE
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