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Create a German-language Mozilla planet


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The German-langauge community in Mozilla has always been strong, and a number of people in the contributor community are German native speakers nowadays. To make it easier to reach even more people to get involved in the open web and Mozilla, it would be nice to have a planet for syndicating German-language Mozilla-related blog posts. would sound good for that, esp. as we've acquired the domain anyhow.
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Reed, probably punted to the wrong place, but once you have the server side setup, we can look at hosting this.
Err, svn side of things, I meant :)
Oh, I must have missed the bugmail for this bug.
Assignee: nobody → reed
Is there anything we from the German community can do to move this forward?
OK, here's one feed to add there:

Robert Kaiser -
And here's another:

Florian Scholz -
KaiRo: 2 Mozilla articles vs. 8 other articles. Please use the same feed as

And in general I'd like to see a quality level for articles to prevent people from creating articles with misleading, attracting headlines and dumping a few screenshots in it.
(In reply to comment #7)
> KaiRo: 2 Mozilla articles vs. 8 other articles. Please use the same feed as

I do, the full blog, just the German articles only instead of the English articles only. The rules for are to show the community in its full, not selecting by any means other than the people being respected community members.
Same blog articles as on
Part 1: r73769
Depends on: 593226
Depends on: 593227
added Tomcat, Elchi3 and Lendo in r73814.
Fixed now. Please file further bugs for adding feeds separately, for now in Websites::Other, assigned to me (the latter is needed so I see them and can add you).
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