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8 years ago
The form rewrite generates GUIDs with btoa and base64 uses alphanumeric, +, and /. Technically there's nothing really preventing / from being in a guid, but it might be confusing in the context of a url, but that can always be escaped correctly.

2010-05-27 11:18:02Collection          TRACEPOST body: {"success":["z_SoDELu5o","!wh(i5hBcv","oONRKANrAR","Ig3*CSQ0J(","3xLzv3azRH","r_LTxCdtHa","Hm.wVChXO*","Bnn(UHwAhx","_nRmhe)k1t"],"failed":{"tXue2\/2jokyBLT\/f":["invalid id"],"Vf\/7xRHJ1E+B1hnS":["invalid id"],"z\/QGd990sEOMFn9P":["invalid id"],"0\/Onl9fnCUKpVfrF":["invalid id"]}}

Seems like satchel is generating 16 character guids... so 63/64 probability that a character won't be a / out of 16 characters.. 22.27% chance that the guid will contain a /?
Err, I don't believe the JS rewrite changed anything here.

The C++ code (as of bug 506402) was using PL_Base64Encode() to generate 16 character GUIDs. That bug also landed tests, and those same tests continue to be run successfully, unmodified, with the JS rewrite.

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8 years ago
Oh indeed. I grabbed a random build 20100520 and generated some guids and indeed there was a /.
Depends on: 506402
No longer depends on: 439716


8 years ago
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Allows slashes in ids

The attached patch enables slashes in ids. 

Note that we will need to activate AllowEncodedSlashes in Apache for this to work.
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Created attachment 471489 [details] [diff] [review]
Allows slashes in ids

Use php-style indentation
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Attachment #471459 - Flags: review?(telliott)


8 years ago
Assignee: telliott → tarek
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Allows slashes in ids

rather than doing such an extensive regex, wouldn't it be more efficient to do 

$ipath = explode('/', $path . '///');
$username = shift($ipath);
$function = shift($ipath);
if ($ipath)
  $id = implode('/', $ipath)

(syntax hasn't been checked for exactness)

Created attachment 475495 [details] [diff] [review]
Allows slashes in ids

OK - Python usually uses compiled regexp, but it sounds more efficient this way in PHP. 

So I suppose 'shift' is 'array_shift' here, here's a new patch using a regular split.
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Attachment #471489 - Flags: review?(telliott)
Let's get this wrapped up and on the 1.3.x branch?  This prevents some form history records from syncing.
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Fixed in all branches:
- stable:
- default:

Toby, looks like 1.0/tests/test_weave_utils.php was not commited
Last Resolved: 8 years ago
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8 years ago
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