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- Linux or Mac OS X (or Windows?)
- Enable Virtual screens/desktop, a feature where you can switch between
  several screen contents using a taskbar applet or keyboard shortcut or mouse
- Typical are 4-6 virtual screens. They are enabled by default e.g. on
  Ubuntu Linux with GNOME and KDE and other OS.

1. Open Firefox window on virtual screen 1. Load http://www.mozilla.org there.
2. Switch to virtual screen 3, open another Firefox window.
3. Type "mozilla" in the URLbar
4. Select "Switch to tab http://www.mozilla.org" from the dropdown

Actual result:
The URLbar empties, the page stays blank.
No visible change.
You do NOT switch to the tab.

Expected result:
It's unclear whether I want to switch to the other virtual screen or want to have that other window on this screen. Both make sense in different situations. Virtual screens often organize work, and you need the window here where your work is, so in some cases it makes sense to move the window to the current screen. In other cases, the existing window is on the correct screen, and you want to switch to that screen.
So, there should be 2-3 dropdown entries which allow both:
- "Switch to tab and switch to other virtual screen  http://www.mozilla.org"
- "Move existing tab here  http://www.mozilla.org"
- "Move window with existing tab here  http://www.mozilla.org"


8 years ago
OS: Linux → All
Whiteboard: [switch-to-tab]
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