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In the message reader window, quoted messages are shown with the quoting symbol replaced by vertical colored bars. This is nice, but unfortunately, the bars plus their spacing are less wide than one character, causing misalignment between the quoted text and the following non-quoted text, which is troublesome when using ^ to point out spelling errors or similar items in quote text.


> this is a speling error
               ^ there should be 2 l here

With the bars, the ^ mark doesn't line up where it should.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Compose a message, and send it to yourself.
2. Reply to message, and point with a ^ to a character in  your original message
3. View the reply
Actual Results:  
The ^ no longer lines up with where it should due to colored bars being more narrow than one character.

Expected Results:  
^ should still line up (... either make bars plus spacing wider, or use another hack to make the spaces at the start of the non-quoted line narrower)

I understand that quoting bars that are too wide or spaced too far apart may not look as nice.

In order to address this, a smart algorithm could be used:
1. Only make them wider if quoted block is directly followed by a block of non-quoted text (most people usually leave an empty line after a quoted block, _unless_ they want to point to a specific character)
2. If a non-empty line follows a quoted block, and starts with spaces (as it usually would in this use case), make the spaces narrower, rather than making the quote lines wider. Of course, car should be taken if a block of more than one line of unquoted text follows...
3. If the lines following the quoted block don't start with enough spaces, then make the quote lines wider (or space them more from each other)
Ever confirmed: true
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