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XPCOM compilation failure on mingw-w64 due to pointer to int cast loosing precision.


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I get following errors:

xpcom/base/nsStackWalk.cpp:1034:29: error: cast from 'void*' to 'DWORD' loses precision
xpcom/ds/nsWindowsRegKey.cpp:142:40: error: cast from 'HKEY__*' to 'PRUint32' loses precision
xpcom/ds/nsWindowsRegKey.cpp:160:42: error: cast from 'HKEY__*' to 'PRUint32' loses precision

All of those casts are intentional, so proper casts are all we need. The attached patch fixes the problem.
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Thanks for quick review.
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Sorry, I believe the nsWindowsRegKey changes are incorrect, because  nsWindowsRegKey::Open [1] takes a PRUint32, since it's an IDL method taking an unsigned long [2].  An HKEY is pointer-sized, so the current patch would truncate the handle.  I have an old patch [3] that works, but I'm not quite comfortable with changing the interface - I think it's doable to make the current open() implementation internal and (on win64 at last) add a stub for the predefined HKEYs, but haven't had time to really do it yet :(

My patch doesn't really change anything. These casts are already in the code, all my patch does is a different way of casting that is acceptable for mingw-w64. There even is a comment about the problem:

 * NOTE: On 32-bit Windows, it is valid to pass any HKEY as the rootKey
 * parameter of this function.  However, for compatibility with 64-bit
 * Windows, that usage should probably be avoided in favor of openChild.

And the comment is also quite not right. HKEY is in fact a system HANDLE and such handles, although have 8-bytes size, use only 4 bytes values. so there is no problem with the code (except ugly casts).
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