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Set up customizable auto-response for different project areas listed in Get Involved form


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Many of the inquiries coming in from the Get In Touch form have no additional information to respond to, so we send canned responses manually out to those people.  Currently many of these canned messages are kept on the wiki at:

It would be nice to have an auto-response immediately sent out and then point people could spend time following up just to those inquiries that had specific questions that required a human to answer.

Mailman does have an auto-response feature, but it isn't something we could use here since the auto-response message needs to be different for each project area instead of having a blanket email that goes to all inquiries.

Feedback from point people also indicate that some people would like an auto-response and some people wouldn't, so we need functionality that is customizable according to project area.

I have no idea if this is the best way to implement things, but one possible way to do this would be to have text files in the following Subversion directory named coding.txt, support.txt, etc. and if a file exists that text will be sent as an email with the email of the point person as sender and if there's no associated text file (say no qa.txt) then nothing happens when a QA inquiry comes in.
It seems to me that if this form is simply becoming an auto-response, that maybe we should just put that information on the website for people to look at instead of requiring their email address for them to get it...
I have created the patch only for contribute/email/index.html without actually creating and adding files needed for including.
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re comment #1, the form wouldn't simply become an auto-responder.  As mentioned earlier, not all point people said that they wanted an auto-response and we get many inquiries with specific questions and comments that a human needs to answer.  The inquiries with specifics in them are worth focusing on so this is a way for point people to have more time to do that by automating the copy and paste of a canned message.
I talked with Milos at the Summit and he'd prefer to focus on contributing in ways other than coding.  I'm glad he got this bug started though since having an auto-response that can be customized by project area is key to having our process scale.

Paul, I assigned this to you in case you have some time for stuff coming up.  If not, feel free to let me know and I'll see who else could help.
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Note about this: the right model for an auto-response may be to give someone a 5-minute task and invite them to respond and tell them a real person will then get back to them.

For example

* a QA auto-response could simply be: go download the nightly and we'll tell you what to do next.

* a code auto-response could be: go get a bugzilla account because you'll need it for what we'll walk you through next when you write us back.

This fits in with Atul's self-guided mission concept where people can quickly do something and know they're on the right track and in turn we can focus our responses on the people who take that step.
This was fixed over in Bug 523403.
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