TB picks always the first saved password for a saved URL



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I am using TB  in Windows and Mac OS X.
I have configured two IMAP boxes to check for new mail, which are on the same server, but different usernames.
When logging in, I tell TB to save passoword.... OK.

When relaunching TB, it always tries to log in to the second account with the password of the first account, which is failing of course.

This only happens in Mac OS X, in Windows it works!

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Configure two e-Mail accounts on the same server with only different usernames and different passwords, e.g.
myserver@mydomain.de, username: iusr1, password: secret1
myserver@mydomain.de, username: iusr2, password: secret2

2. Log into the accounts and save the passwords.

3. Restart Thunderbird; on Windows everything runs smoothly, on Mac OS X the second account fails to log in, it seems to try the first entry for the given server in the password list, not taking the username into account. In this case login fails of course.
Actual Results:  
I get a dialog where I can choose to re-enter the password. When doing so, login succeeds, but only until the next relaunch of TB

Expected Results:  
Do what it does under Windows: pick the right credentials and log in.

Comment 1

8 years ago
Oh, I forgot to mention, I am using IMAP accounts.

Comment 2

8 years ago
Found a kind of solution:
The mail server was a Apple Snow Leo Server, with Kerberos enabled. The Mac Client is bound to the open directory domain. I disabled Kerberos for Mail on the SLS, now it runs fine.

But might be anyway something wrong with the Kerberos support int TB.

Comment 3

8 years ago
There are no passwords in Kerberos.
And most Kerberos implementations in the OS indeed don't support 2 accounts on the same server. So that's not a TB limitation, but a Kerberos implementation limitation.

Harry feel free to reopen bug please argue why.
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