Dragging and Dropping Link from Other Application onto Minefield Breaks Window Functionality




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Screen grab showing the misplaced menu after moving the window

When dragging and dropping a link from another application to open it in Firefox, (e.g. from Thunderbird or NetNewsWire), the Firefox window breaks in a number of ways on Mac OS X.

Normally, the window can be dragged from the status bar or resized from the bottom right corner. This becomes impossible after dragging and dropping a link.

The position of drop down menus also becomes fixed relative to where the window was when the link was dropped, meaning they are offset after the window is moved.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Ensure that the Firefox window is not maximised so that it can be moved later.
2. Drag and drop a link from another application onto Firefox.
3. Attempt to move the window by dragging the status bar. (This will fail)
4. Attempt to resize the window. (This will fail)
5. Move the window by dragging on the title bar.
6. Open a context menu, bookmark menu, the address bar history or search bar menu, or any other menu.

The menu will be positioned as if the window were in its previous location.

This bug occurs in at least Firefox 3.6 and also current Minefield builds. It's been happening for a long time, though I only just figured out the cause to reliably reproduce it.  I'm not sure when the bug first started occurring.
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