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9 years ago
We will need 3-4 promo graphics for the MDN homepage (Firefox 4, HTML5, Android, Add-ons Builder) and similar versions of those images converted to be larger background images for the project/campaign pages for the 4 topics listed.

It will be great to brainstorm what type of images we will need and then work with a designer to get content ready for the MDN launch at the end of June.

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9 years ago
Jay, congrats on being the first person to file a bug using this new design component. Appreciate it!

Would you be able to share links or mockups that have examples of the type of content you're thinking about? In particular, Lee's time is booking up fast so that would help me understand if he'll be able to do it or if I need to look elsewhere.


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9 years ago
We need to put something in the main promo box for the current projects/campaigns we want to showcase on the MDN home page: (replace Sean Martell's Firefox illustration).  The rest of the block will just be text.

And we also need to create backgrounds for each of the stand alone project/campaign pages: (replace the flute player and squirrel).  We may also want to include the title in the graphic, unless we decide to embed an appropriate font there and add links in the title area.

I need to check in with various PMMs to see what type of image they would like to use, but can provide most of the design direction.  Most of the topics are straight forward, for example:

Firefox 4: screenshot of a new feature
HTML5: some infographic or demo of HTML5 
Android: mobile phone with Firefox logo (and Android logo if allowed)
Add-ons Builder: puzzle piece with a bit of polish?

Or we can explore using stock photos or CC licensed images.

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9 years ago
Confirming today's discussion:

Firefox 4 - beta illustration
HTML5 - code background
Android - Androit bot
Add-ons Builder - JetPack logo/clouds

Needs from Jay:
- page files (PSDs)
- sample HTML5 code

Other needs:
- Android bot
- JetPack logo


9 years ago
Assignee: jslater → ltom

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9 years ago
Files are available here:

Both John and Lee should have access to the basecamp to grab them.  I tried to attach the home and campaign page .psd to the bug and in email, but couldn't due to size limits.

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9 years ago
here's a link to the first round of jpgs:

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9 years ago
Thanks Lee. It's a little hard to evaluate these with that "campaign of all campaigns" text on top...Jay, do you have any direction as to what really would go there? That way Lee could position the graphics around the text.

Does the Fx4 one need the Fx4 logo? I really like the illustration, but people may not get the connection.

I like the Android one, too (especially the tiled background), but the main Android bot kind of conflicts with the text for me...hence my comment above.

JetPack one looks good to me. Sounds like we need some sample HTML5 code for that one, right?

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9 years ago
Here is what I am going to propose as text to put over the backgrounds for the campaign pages (which will also serve as the titles for the promos on the home page):

Firefox - In the upper left of the image, we should have:
Help us test the latest (in med text)
Firefox 4 Beta (in big title text OR with the big official wordmark)

Jetpack - I think what Lee has now is perfect, but we may want to add the second line below in HTML text:
Jetpack (in big title text, which we already have)
Firefox add-on development for everyone (in med text)

Android - In the upper right of the images, we should have:
Firefox (in big title text) + for Android (in med text or android wordmark)
HTML5 - Depending on the design, I think we can do something like:
HTML5 (in big title text/wordmark)
The future of the open Web. (in med text)


All of that is just for the title/subtitles.  We will still want to leave room at the bottom of these headers for more detailed text and links as the mockups show.

I hope this helps.   I am waiting to hear back from Blizzard, Paul, or Arun about the code samples we want to use as the background.  

In the meantime, I will try to dig a few up myself.

Nice work Lee!

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9 years ago
thanks for sending this Jay. I'll flow in what you've provided here, and resend jpgs for you to take a look at. John, if you have any additional input let me know.


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9 years ago
(In reply to comment #8)
> John, if you have any additional input let me know.

Nope, the above plan sounds good to me!

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9 years ago
Jay, can you send me the font: Knockout HTF70 FullWelterwt?

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9 years ago
Hi guys,
Here's another pass at the Project pages sans HTML 5 page. I'm going to hold off on the Home pages until these are tightened up.

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9 years ago
(In reply to comment #10)
> Jay, can you send me the font: Knockout HTF70 FullWelterwt?

Sorry, I don't have that font.  Can you work with John to acquire it or do we need to contact Happy Cog?

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9 years ago
(In reply to comment #11)
> Hi guys,
> Here's another pass at the Project pages sans HTML 5 page. I'm going to hold
> off on the Home pages until these are tightened up.

Here is my feedback:

1. Make the android wordmark smaller and perhaps try putting "for android" on one line under Firefox.

2. Capitalize "A" in Add-ons on the Jetpack subtitle.

3. Remove the "Help us test the latest" and make "Firefox 4 Beta" larger... I think that alone as the title will be fine.  We can add the rest below in text.

That's all I have right now... these are looking awesome and I think we have the layout down.  I will check with Caitlin about the Android page tomorrow to make sure we're good there.   And I'm still waiting to hear back from the team about HTML5 code to use... if I don't have any input by tomorrow, I will provide some myself.


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9 years ago
About the font it sounds like we have two options. Lee, if you can source the best place to buy it, then:

1. you can buy it and add it to your next invoice as an expense
2. we can put it on Mary's corporate card

(note: both of these options are assuming it's relatively cheap...if it's a $500 font then we'll need to figure something else out)

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9 years ago
Lee:  The code at this URL is perfect... it has 3+ major features of HTML5 implemented in the sample, so lets try to use that as a background.

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9 years ago
New batch of mockups here:

- all revisions from latest feedback
- first pass at an HTML5 graphic... let me know your thoughts


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9 years ago
Looking good. Could we fill the background up more for the HTML5 one? Maybe have a different color besides white, at least...looks a little sparse now.

Also, for the final version I'd recommend pushing the 5 up so it's on the same baseline as HTML...the Meta font does weird things with numbers.

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9 years ago
i was thinking that the offset 5 made it stand out more! plus, it's the Meta font which Mozilla/Firefox uses a lot - lets us 'claim' that look!

(but if it's bugging you i can change it)

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9 years ago
I'll defer to Jay here...whatever he wants!

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9 years ago
Just a couple of change requests:

1. Make the Firefox 4 beta bigger  The space feels empty in that header without a subtitle.

2. Add more code to the HTML5 background and try to add some color (as John suggested).  Maybe turn the code diagonal and add the first part of it to the right and continue the code to the right to show more of it.  The important parts of the code to capture are any instances of "woff", "canvas" and "video".  Those are the 3 main features that would be nice to have in the background.

3. Get rid of the < > for the HTML5... it's not proper syntax and devs will get angry.  Try something else or maybe "<HTML> 5" or something like that.

4. I agree that the offset of the 5 looks a bit odd.  While I see Lee's point in claiming a unique look, I've always felt that Meta's choice to offset the numbers was a weird one.  Let's see what it looks like aligned to the text.

I think we can call the Jetpack page complete for now and also Android (pending sign-off from Caitlin).

Thanks Lee!

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9 years ago
Hi Jay,
Here's the link to the 2 PSDs for MDN. Let me know if you have any questions or problems with either of these.


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9 years ago
Hey Lee,

As I mentioned earlier this week, the AMO team told me we need to update the Jetpack images and text to reflect the official name of the tool.

Name: Add-ons Builder
Image: Inspector Gadget style fox

Can you please updated the project page and the promo image to reflect the changes?  I would ping Sean Martell for a high-res version of the fox if you need it.

- Jay

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9 years ago
Hi Jay, Hope the move is going smoothly. Sean sent me the image of the Inspector Gadget Fox so I flowed it into the MDN pages. Let me know if you have any further changes in mind, or I can send you the PSDs for webdev. Thanks!


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