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"ASSERTION: How did that happen??" changing <colgroup> & <col> span


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###!!! ASSERTION: How did that happen??: 'col->GetStyleContext() == colFrame->GetStyleContext() && col->GetContent() == colFrame->GetContent()', file /Users/jruderman/mozilla-central/layout/tables/nsTableColGroupFrame.cpp, line 340

I think this is a recent regression.  bz fixed several bugs triggering this assertion in 2007: bug 404666, bug 404301, bug 403249.
Happened sometime in Boris' big push on Friday:

A reconstruct is posted for the col content, when we remove its frame the following two anonymous col frames have a different style context.
I think this assert is just bogus if we get a restyle that _does_ restyle the <colgroup> but doesn't reframe it and also restyles + reframes the <col>, since we'll get a new stylecontext for the anon cols during the restyle but skip giving one to the about-to-be-reframed <col>.  We could presumably hit this before too, if the restyle ordering happened to be right, but now we guarantee that that <colgroup> will get restyled first.
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Like so

Sorry for being so slow with the review.

Just that I get the picture right:

else colFrame is being removed because of a frame
+        // reconstruct on it, and its style context is bogus at this
+        // point.

You  are using the bogus style context to make the decision that it is bogus?
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Yes.  "bogus" just means "hasn't been updated to the new style rules", not "deleted object", in this case.
You might want to change the comment then
OK, will do.
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New comment:

+        // else colFrame is being removed because of a frame
+        // reconstruct on it, and its style context is still the old
+        // one, so we can't assert anything about how it compares to
+        // col's style context.
Assignee: bzbarsky → nobody
Assignee: nobody → bzbarsky
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