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rights infobar not displayed any more


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(blocking-seamonkey2.1 b1+)

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As I noted in bug 508039 comment #38, bug 558664 removed the subject parameter on the observer notification for the sessionstore-windows-restored topic, and so the infobar for "Know Your Rights" isn't being displayed any more.

I found this because places bookmarks also want to display another notification on the same event if the DB locked.
Ouch, the bug that caused the problem is bug 558644, actually.

IMHO the solutions here is one of:
1) Making our way from bug 508039 work again AND port it to Firefox as well so we don't re-do the bug 558644 mistake, or
2) Getting the window the Firefox way and leave the observer notification as it is.
Depends on: 558644
No longer depends on: 558664
Actually it was bug 547406 but yes I completely overlooked it :-(
Depends on: 547406
No longer depends on: 558644
blocking-seamonkey2.1: --- → ?
Assignee: nobody → neil
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blocking-seamonkey2.1: ? → b1+
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Oh, in this case, we really should port this to Firefox as well, both to improve their code and to not port over the error again.

Are you willing to file a bug, possibly even a patch?
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Build ID:   20100620161917

I see the infobar in a new profile. I don't expect it to work differently on W32, Mac, or L64 than it does on L32. => VERIFIED. (If someone does not see the infobar in a fresh profile in a SeaMonkey 2.1a2pre built later than comment #5, feel free to REOPEN with details of where and how.)

The fact that, in the default theme, it is the same color as the chrome makes it easy to miss, but if it is wanted to change that it would of course be a different bug.

(I wonder why the user-agent has stopped tracking the build date but that is yet another bug if desired. Maybe intentional against fingerprinting but might make bug-tracking and finding regression ranges harder.)
Blocks: 574645
I filed bug 574645 on doing the same trick of passing the window in Firefox code.
See Also: → 1612725
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