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Speed up Page Info > Media


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Firefox 3.7a5
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From the discussion in Bug 515549, let's do two--possibly three--things to speed up Page Info's media.

1. Lower the timeouts to the minimum of 10ms
2. Increase the number of elements processed at once
3. (Optional) Replace timeouts with postMessage as described here:

This patch does the first two, and it can do the third if needed. is a decent example of speed testing if you run "View Image Info" on the last image.
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We need longer testcases. Page Info (trunk) has finished with every page I've tried so far before I could even click on the Media tab.
Attached patch Patch v. 1.1Splinter Review
Setting to 500 elements per loop.
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Attachment #452889 - Flags: review?(db48x)
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Patch v. 1.1

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Closed: 12 years ago
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Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 3.7a6
Version: unspecified → Trunk
Target Milestone: Firefox 3.7a6 → Firefox 3.7a5
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Patch v. 1.1

From bug 579717 this appears to fix hangs and performance problems on Mac OSX--more than it does on Windows.  I propose that we port the change to 1.9.2.

I will quickly make sure that the patch doesn't conflict with anything, but it shouldn't touch code that's 2.0-branch specific.
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Keywords: perf
Duplicate of this bug: 579717
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Patch v. 1.1

Please renominate for branch landing once you've confirmed that it compiles on that branch, preferably with tryserver builds and test runs! :)
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Patch v. 1.1

This works on 1.9.2 like it does on Trunk.  The patch doesn't need any branch-specific changes.
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Patch v. 1.1

a=beltzner for mozilla-1.9.2, simple safe perf improvement for non-critical code path
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This needs check-in on the 1.9.2 branch.
Keywords: checkin-needed
Can the same type of fix be applied for bug 513092?
(In reply to comment #11)
> Can the same type of fix be applied for bug 513092?

It's all a question of the code that populates that list.  Either the code is using timeouts or it's waiting on something else.  If it is the former, then yes, this same philosophy can be applied, but if it is the latter, I'm not sure.

Since I don't know that code or what would be causing it, I couldn't say, but someone like Dao or Gavin would have better answers.
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