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Remove any panning and zooming code that doesn't work in e10s


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Current panning code tries to pan HTML and XUL content from the main process, which doesn't work in e10s. The code will need to be migrated to the content process somehow. Or be handled by Layers when it lands.

We can pan the main page area via the chrome-side scrollbox.

The current code also tries to zoom on an element, in content. This also doesn't work. We can zoom in arbitrary steps and using the double-tap fallback of 2X.

This patch removes any code that is no longer needed to support panning frames. The patch also removes any "zoom to element" code. This includes the chrome-side ElementTouchHelper and Browser.elementFromPoint and some others.
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I have start a very similar patch on my side yesterday (I should have upload a wip), but I'm trying to keep as much functionalities as possible (removing Browser.elementFromPoint breaks context menu too).

So basically my patch remove the same things but I'm thinkink of sending back information from content on the element above the mousedown as we do for highlighting but with enought information than we can keep context menu and dblclick.

I'm still not sure of the right way of some zooming cases but I want to investigate this way before fully reviewing this patch.
As seen on IRC, let keep this patch but with messages to keep the Zoom/ContextMenu funcs.
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