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Generalize and refactor httpd.js wrappers into stand alone utility


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So, we use httpd.js to serve files locally for mochitest, reftest and xpcshell test harnesses.  When running remotely, we use httpd.js to serve these same tests so that the remote devices can access these files. There should be a way to generalize what support we need in this httpd.js wrapper (it's nearly the same across every harness already) and put this support into one stand-alone python class that the other harnesses can call.

One thing that will be hard here is figuring out a way for reftest and xpcshell to properly control this httpd.js wrapper class.  Both these harnesses create and destroy httpd.js as needed from JS.  We might want to investigate whether that's necessary and if keeping httpd.js around for the duration of the test is an issue or not.

This is a follow on from the work we did to get reftests running for android in bug 573478
Component: New Frameworks → General
Severity: normal → S3
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