Include xpfe/components/directory in the list of things that Thunderbird builds

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In xpfe/components there is a small module called "directory", this currently provides some code that is useful when listing directories on an ftp server.

Whilst Thunderbird doesn't necessarily need this, I'm wanting to include it in the build for the following reasons:

- It gets rid of some nasty product-specific ifdefs in core code. Hence moving Thunderbird closer to core.
- The activity on content tabs in Thunderbird mean that someone may want it.
- It is a relatively small bit of code, that isn't going to hurt Thunderbird much to have it.

I'm also proposing that we remove the ifdefs for Sunbird and the standalone composer - neither of those are currently being maintained on trunk, and really they should move towards being closer to core anyway.

The only patch necessary is to the makefile, the build wizardry does the rest of including it in the right places (and as Thunderbird is a static build there's no components to add).
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The fix

Wanna fix the indentation in DIRS to be two-space while you're there?
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The fix

Requesting approval for 2.0. This is a small build config change that doesn't affect Firefox, but reduces some ifdefs in xpfe and brings Thunderbird a little closer to core.
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