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preference dialog for mac dock icon options


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This bug is being spun off from bug 518828.  I'm putting this on the [UXprio] list which means it will get UX attention if someone is willing to work on it.

Already we have the following mockups:

General Preferences: attachment 426411 [details]

This change removes the animate checkbox from the general prefs and instead creates a button which launches our dock prefs dialog.

Dock Icon Menu: attachment 426407 [details]

This addition creates an option accessible directly from the dock icons context menu.  (I'm not sure if this is even possible to do in TB)  The menu item opens the dock icons prefs directly without needing to open the general prefs.

And attached to this bug is a quick mockup of what the dialog would look like.  I just did some DOM inspector trickery so the padding and spacing is a bit off.  I can clean this up in code if we get an implementation of the dialog going.

For the options I gave a tri-state radio group even though I wasn't sure if the the nothing option is available.
No duplicates in 2 years, only 2 non-developers on CC list, no votes, no link to GS reports - who cares about this? Clearly, this does not deserve [UXprio] - please remove that flag from Whiteboard.

More amazing, Bryan's argument in comment 0 for [UXprio]:

> I'm putting this on the [UXprio] list which means it will get UX attention if
> someone is willing to work on it.

Where did I miss the "This deserves [UXprio] attention because it is so extremely useful to improve the UX of many users that it should be done asap by TB's core developers" part?

Please point us to a plausible definition of [UXprio], and consider changing [UXprio] into a keyword.
Severity: normal → enhancement
Bug 601263 fixed this. I was looking for bugs to fix on the Preferences category and didn't look on OS Integration category.

An interesting difference I can see is that attachment 454049 [details] added a radio button so TB doesn't badges dock icon, which is something users are asking for in some bugs I have read.

Blocks: tb-mac
WORKSFORME as this (both Dock Options dialog and menu item in Dock icon) was fixed in bug 601263
Closed: 5 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
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