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add support for running android tests on multiple devices


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we can detect all connected android devices with  "adb devices" and target a specific device by using "adb -s <id> shell ...".  We should run adb devices and set python threads number to the number of devices connected in runtests.  this will speedup the acceptance tests and allow dynamically adding n numbers of devices to a run.
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remaining work is to update buildbot and write the setup code.  before we run we deploy avmshell and to all devices in /data/app.  should do something like:
for each device:
adb -s <id> root
adb -s <id> push avmshell /data/app
adb -s <id> shell chmod 777 /data/app/avmshell
adb -s <id> push /data/app
adb -s <id> shell chmod 777 /data/app/
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patch: android use all connected devices

Looks good - few minor nits:
- try/except in runtests() should catch explicit exceptions.  The only exception that could be thrown would be a ValueError due to a bad cast - also add an error message in the except
- maybe add some comments in preProcessTests explaining why we set the threads
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- modify the android_shell to remove the EXITCODE from the output
- add an adb deployer script that will deploy the passed in shell to all of the devices connected to the machine. Will also verify that the correct version of the shell was deployed, matching rev:hash from expected (relies on patch in bug# 562075)
- works just like the other generic scripts (local, ssh, adb)
- use a local script

Still to do:
- update getconfig() in runtests so that a proper config string is returned, currently I think it is hardcoded:   
 Should not contain _mac_ and we should be able to figure out what type of build it is (release, releasedebugger, etc)

Running tests:
1) hook up N number of android devices to machine

Running smokes:
./ <rev>

Running acceptance:
../all/ <rev> <shellname> <vmargs> <config> <scriptargs>

../all/ 4895 'avmshell' '' '' 'as3/AbcDecoder/'

This will deploy the release build# 4895 on all connected devices, confirm that the shell was deployed properly and then run all of the as3/AbcDecoder/ testcases using all of the connected devices ( runs with as many threads as there are devices connected to the machine)
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generic adb script for running acceptance

also I thought we may want to add as a cleanup step looking for/killing zombie avmshell processes on the device.  in adb the android shell supports ps, grep, awk, kill.  this should work:

 pslist=`adb -s <id> shell ps | grep avmshell | awk '{print $2}'`
if [ "$pslist != "" ]
adb -s <id> shell kill $pslist
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Attached patch fix android_shell (obsolete) — Splinter Review
the android_shell was echoing out additional information which was causing some tests to fail that compare the output of the shell against a known .out file
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Attached patch rolled up patchSplinter Review
This combines all patches together.

New things to look at/review:
1) modified to call a single device IF no options are passed to the script or the only option passed is '-Dversion'
2) tweaked test/utils/ so that if the self.avm is a shell script and contains android, then modify the cputype to be 'arm' and override self.osname to be 'android'.

These 2 changes allow to properly determine the config string

3) change the buildbot config to use the run-acceptance-generic-adb script
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rolled up patch

Pushed patch and follow up changes as:
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add the following android acceptance passes:
- release interp
- release jit
- debug

This change should still keep the android test phase under 30 minutes.
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additional acceptance runs

patch pushed as 4915:6770a721a013
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