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Drop down menu for "When I delete a message" displays incorrectly & "Advanced" button missing when IMAP folder names are too long


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Thunderbird 30.0


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Under Server Settings, the drop down menu for "When I delete a message" displays incorrectly because of an IMAP folder with a name that's too long (my folder is ~36 characters). The drop down menu appears as if it should extend beyond the window and the arrow on the right-hand side of the drop down is not visible. The "Advanced..." button is no longer visible in this window, although it can be accessed by tabbing.

Reproducible: Didn't try

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Create an IMAP folder with a long name (definitely occurs with 36+ characters)
2. Go to Server Settings screen
Have you tried safe mode? (see for more information)
Component: General → Account Manager
QA Contact: general → account-manager
can you use the add attachment link above to add an screenshot ?
Attached image Safe mode screenshot
Similar issue in safe mode
The "OK" and "Cancel" buttons would be visible but I can't move or re-size the window
rename the localstore.rdf file in your folder. Does the button becomes clickable with that hack ?
i renamed the file to renamed.rdf. it still looks exactly the same as before. should i have renamed the file and changed the file extension too?
Nah that should have done it. I'm unfortunately out of ideas. Adding a few people that might have other ideas.
can you reproduce this using a current version of thunderbird?

if you are unable to reproduce, please close by setting stats to resolved, and resolution to WORKSFORME or another appropriate setting.

If you are able to reproduce, add new details, and a testcase if one does not already exist in the bug report.
Whiteboard: [closeme 2012-03-25]
I think WADA has good knowledge of IMAP servers.
WADA, can you setup such a long folder name on an IMAP server and see if this is real?
Whiteboard: [closeme 2012-03-25] → [closeme 2012-04-25]
Checked with Tb 11.0.1, using Gmail IMAP

Parent folder name is 100 bytes long.
> 123456789A123456789B123456789C123456789D123456789E123456789F123456789G123456789H123456789I123456789J
Display at Folder selection UI(display size= 800(heiht) x 1280) :
> 123456789A123456789B123456789C123456789D123456789E123456789F123456789G1…

> Sub-folder of 123456789A123456789B123456789C
> and sub-sub-folder of 123456789A123456789B123456789C
> C:\Documents and Settings\wada\Application Data\Thunderbird\Profiles\ueihzgrp.Test\ImapMail\
>  \Test-001-1.sbd
>   \123456789A123456789B123456789C123456789D12345678fda2d1a.sbd
>    \123456789A123456789B123456789C.sbd
>     \123456789A123456789B123456789C.msf
Any folder can be shown and selefcted as expected at folder selection UI. 

> Sub-folder of 123456789A123456789B123456789C
> and sub-sub-folder of 123456789A123456789B123456789C123456789D123456789E123456789F123456789G
> C:\Documents and Settings\wada\Application Data\Thunderbird\Profiles\ueihzgrp.Test\ImapMail\
>  \Test-001-1.sbd
>   \123456789A123456789B123456789C123456789D12345678fda2d1a.sbd
>    \123456789A123456789B123456789C.sbd
>     \123456789A123456789B123456789C123456789D123456789E123456789F123456789G.msf
This sub-sub-folder is not shown at folder pane, because .msf file can't be created due to 256 bytes limitation of file path in MS Win.
However, create/subscribe is normally done, because Gmail IMAP supports long folder name(Gmail Label).
Even this case, parent folder, sub-folder, sub-sub folder is normally shown and selectable at folder selection UI. No cut of of drop down menue was observed.

When any folder was selected, "123456789A123456789…" was shown as selected Trash at Server Settings due to limitation of trash name box width . (current restriction)

i.e. WORKSFORME in my environment.

To bug opener:
Do you still see your problem in recent Tb release(as of today, Tb 11)?
Resolved per whiteboard
Closed: 10 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
Whiteboard: [closeme 2012-04-25]
Attached image tb24_settings_en.png
I'm seeing this bug in TB 24.1, and the length of the longest foldername in the dropdown menu is deciding the width of the whole section.

In the attachment I've selected the folder with the longest name for each account. As you can see, with "Trash" there's no problem, but "Spamverdacht" is already too long, and thus the positioning and the size of some elements is off.

The screenshot was created with a new, empty profile with only two accounts added, no other settings have been changed.
The advanced button is forced to be always to the right of the folder picker. While it could be also below it to use up the empty space there.

And also the folder picker size should be limited in some way to not expand the pane content.

I can take this.
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Attached image tb24xp_settings_en.png
FWIW, recreating the same setup in XP doesn't show the problems in my previous screenshot, even with longer folder-names in the dropdownmenu.

So, like bug 939724, this could also be Aero-specific.
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OK, what do you think of this?
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Just wondering whether crop="end" would be better than crop="center"
May be worth being tested by someone whom builds on XP/Win7
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There is crop="center" at least in the toolbar folder picker widget. I have also seen crop="end" at other placing using the folder picker. I don't know which one is better but we should unify it across the whole app. I think there is a bug for that or at least I have the plan in my head ;)
This is bit rotted now (Bug 878805).
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Yes, thanks.
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patch v2

This certainly seems better.  ui-r=me!
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