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Need manifests to register XPCOM components on trunk


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Not set





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With bug 568691, XPCOM components now need manifests to be registered. services/ was fixed on mozilla-central in It would be good to replicate this in fx-sync as not to have diverging codebases.
Provide manifest files for JS-based components to match what has landed on mozilla-central already ( and declare NSGetFactory when possible. Amend chrome.manifest for the add-on case.

Note that extensions no longer can observe app-startup ( which we do in Weave.js. We don't do anything vital for the add-on there, though. The call to addResourceAlias() is only relevant when integrated into the app and the final-ui-startup observer is quite pointless IMHO since the app's XUL overlays already import service.js anyway. I think we should get rid of that code, leaving WeaveService only to add the resource alias in the non-addon case.
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Minor update: Use trailing slash for the resource alias to match what bug 576689 does.
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Blocks: 576376
part 3 on 1.4.x branch (not landed on default yet):
Duplicate of this bug: 576689
Are there parts of this bug that still need to land on m-c?
(In reply to comment #7)
> Are there parts of this bug that still need to land on m-c?

No. Even though part 2 and 3 haven't even made the fx-sync default branch yet, they're completely add-on specific. As far as m-c is concerned this is fixed.
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part 2: fix addonglue/aboutweavetabs/accidental commit of some monkeying

>+++ b/addon/AddonGlue.js
For the other components, we have "// Gecko <2.0" here 
> function NSGetModule(compMgr, fileSpec) {
>   return XPCOMUtils.generateModule([AddonGlue]);
> }
>+// Gecko >=2.0

>+++ b/ui/firefox/AboutWeaveTabs.js
> function NSGetModule(compMgr, fileSpec) {
Here too
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Duplicate of this bug: 576376
Closed: 10 years ago
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No longer blocks: 576376
Component: Firefox Sync: Backend → Sync
Product: Cloud Services → Firefox
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