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I have the BBC live bookmark in my toolbar, which I believe is one of the bookmarks shipped with Firefox by default.  Here are the relevant URLs for my installation:

Feed Location:
Site Location:

On my 19" monitor at 1280x1024, this live bookmark always has at least enough entries that I must scroll down to see them all.  This is necessary to reproduce the bug.

When I first click the live bookmark after opening Firefox for the first time, the live bookmark is at the top (i.e. the first entry is at the top of the list) as expected.  I then have to scroll down to see the last entry.

If I've scrolled down to select the last entry, then the next time I click the live bookmark it shows the list scrolled all the way to the bottom, where I last left it.  This is what I expect, and correct behavior (spatial memory and all that).

After a brief delay, the list will automatically scroll back to the top without any interaction on my behalf.  This is not expected and rather annoying.

I should also point out that there are two ways to scroll through the list:
[1] Mouse over the carat UI element at the bottom or top of the list.
[2] Use the scroll wheel on my mouse.

The first method (mousing over the UI elements) always responds to my command.  The second (scroll wheel) only responds sometimes.  Specifically, whenever Firefox decides that it absolutely must scroll back to the top for no apparent reason, the scroll wheel cannot counteract this; only mousing over the bottom UI element will reverse the scroll and take me back to the bottom.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Open a fresh instance of Firefox.
2. Click on a Live Bookmark feed, e.g. BBC News (
3. Scroll to the bottom of the list.  (Obviously, this does not work if the list is too short, or your screen is too tall.)
4. Click the bottom entry. (Observe that the list disappears and the page loads.)
5. Click the Live Bookmark feed again.
Actual Results:  
Initially, the list is all the way at the bottom, so the last entry can be seen.  The list automatically scrolls back to the top without any user interaction.

Expected Results:  
The list should remain scrolled to the bottom, where I left it, until I scroll manually using either the GUI or the scroll wheel.  If the list does automatically, then I should at least be able to take back control with my scroll wheel, and it should not fight me.

If the feed has refreshed since we last looked at it, then it should either start at the initially, or remain in the previous scroll position, but it should not scroll on it's own.


7 years ago
Version: unspecified → 3.6 Branch
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