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Store probability of successfully connecting to a network through a server


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I added all Freenode servers to my networks.txt to improve my chances of connecting.  However, it always checks one that never seems to work first.  It would help if such failures would cause CZ to pick other servers first.  Basically, it would learn.  Personally, I think networks.txt also should be replaced with an XML file.

Perhaps some sort of weight system should be used.  Failure causes that weight to be cut in half (so it never quite reaches 0) and all other weights to be boosted slightly so they never exceed a maximum value (which would be the default).

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Connect to a network that you have a lot servers in networks.txt, but the first commonly fails due to a DNS (or similar) error.
2.Repeat many times
Actual Results:  
CZ always checks entries in the order they are listed in Networks.txt regardless of the probability of success.

Expected Results:  
CZ should ignore servers it has had problems connecting.

While I have a 64-bit system, CZ and XR are both 32-bit.
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