when Firefox crashes big Temp files are automatically created under windows temp folder




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3.6 Branch
Windows Server 2003

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Due to plugin incompatibility or may be due to other bug, whenever I close firefox, it crashes. Firefox then prompt to send crash report. I allow it to send the report. This happens every time I close firefox.

Windows gave me low space error. I didn't install any software and I knew there was plenty of empty space earlier. 
I then checked Temp folder under Local Setting folder unders User's folder in Document and setting folder.  

C:\Documents and Settings\USer A\Local Settings\Temp

There were above hundred folder. a group of folder I noticed occupied more than 7 GB of space and I wondered what that would be. more than 7 GB of 15-20 folders. They all had similar names. beginning with 'ww'. Opened few of them they contained Mozilla firefox files DMEZ or something . Without collecting more info I deleted them and then I thought of writing here. 

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1.close browser

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8 years ago
All those temp folder I think were created each time the firefox crashed. mena each time I closed firefox. (this I guess happened more than 20 times) 

When firefox crashed it actually should show the notice to use that temp files are created and store under xyz folder. It should also show the link to open the temp folder where the files are created to allow user to check what they contain. 

Also when firefox crashes, there should be a button right on crash report dialogbox to delete such temp files. 

In short user should be completely aware that Firefox Crash store such big data on his computer. 

In my case it was 7 GB. this is big enough.
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Please go to about:crashes and copy the id number(s) from the relevant crash(es). Past that number into the comment so we can get a stacktrace. https://developer.mozilla.org/En/How_to_get_a_stacktrace_for_a_bug_report may help if you have problems.
Also ensure you update to the latest version of Firefox before retesting.
Also, does this happen without the Google Toolbar?
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