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add ast, es-CL, gd, km, mai, ta-LK to the mozilla-central firefox build


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Fx37x for ta-LK locale is not available on the dashboard 

Reproducible: Always
I don't know how Axel's systems would need, but ta-LK isn't in
so the build systems don't check for pushes or build nightlies. 

Suspect there is a better component for this.
Actually, all-locales is what's needed here.
Ever confirmed: true
Summary: fx37x for ta-LK not on the dashboard → add ta-LK to the mozilla-central firefox build
It is still ta-LK is not in

What is needed to add ta-LK to all-locales as a locale which is included in Firfox and Thunderbird previous releases.
Taking, I should get to that tomorrow.
Assignee: nobody → l10n
Thanks Axel
Landing a bunch more, too.
Summary: add ta-LK to the mozilla-central firefox build → add ast, es-CL, gd, km, mai, ta-LK to the mozilla-central firefox build, FIXED.

CCing the localization aliases, folks, you now have mozilla-central/l10n-central builds, working towards Firefox 4. I migrated the 1.9.2 content as good as I could, which means, I didn't do anything for es-CL, the rest should be good.

es-CL needs to do whatever they used to do, really, the hg repos are totally unconnected.

Nightlies will start to come out tomorrow, at

See the posts in the newsgroups or poke us on #l10n on how to get your local setup worked out.
Closed: 10 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
ivarela, marquinos, please start watching the ast@localization.bugs alias? is the form to add that.
Component: Build Config → General
Product: Firefox → Firefox Build System
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