Cannot send photos attached from Digikam

RESOLVED FIXED in Thunderbird 3.3a1


9 years ago
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Thunderbird 3.3a1
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9 years ago
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Using Digikam for sending photos via Thunderbird (email client) results attaching them but with incorrect path. This bug appears in case of folders of photos containing spaces.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Run Digikam and navigate to folder of photos which name contains spaces.
2. Use Image -> Send photos via email. Wait till thunderbird will compose new message with attached files.
3. Click send in newly composed message. The error information appears.
Actual Results:  
The error information appears.

Expected Results:  
Should be able to send photos correctly.

Comment 1

9 years ago
Hi everybody.

I have the same problem.

Version 3.0.5 Thunderbird under PCLinuxOS 2010.1 KDE4 MiniMe Official / Fully upgraded release.

When in digikam and browsing photos all is well. When I am clicking on Image > E-mail Images and choosing to attach the photo to TBird new message all is perfect. New message opens. Picture attached. Typing in the e-mail addy in the box and pressing send. NOW here are 2 different options. If folder in which You kept photos or being more precise its name or path (or name of the photo even) contains NO SPACES then the message will be sent no problem. However if the name of the folder OR path to the folder contains space then I am getting an error message. 

I have figured out that its because TBird is replacing the space with %20 character and then it cant find the picture. 

I started digging and I have setup KMail and used DigiKam and KMail duet to see if its Digikam or TBird fault. Kmail sends the emails no matter what... So I came to believe its TBird issue.

Now it took me a while to dig online but I feel hopeless after a lot of research and I really like my TBird and dont want to replace it with KMail.

Steps to recreate:

 1. Open digikam
 2. Click on chosen photo (path or file name must contain a space)
 3. Go to digikam menu bar
 4. Click Image
 5. Click E-mail Images
 6. New window will pop up
 7. Go to Mail tab
 8. Change Mail Program to Thunderbird
 9. Click OK
10. New digikam window will open - ignore it.
11. Thunderbird New Message window will open
12. Fill in all the details like recipient's address, subject and message body
13. Press Send.


Sending of message failed.
Unable to open the temporary file /home/andrzejl/Desktop/Documents/Graphics/Photos/Misiasty%20The%20Hamster/2009.07.03_0817.jpg. Check your 'Temporary Directory' setting.

Correct Path and File name:

/home/andrzejl/Desktop/Documents/Graphics/Photos/Misiasty The Hamster/2009.07.03_0817.jpg

Gets converted into:


and Thunderbird reports that it cannot find the file. In meanwhile Kmail sends the same file no problem.

Regards and Thanks in advance.

AndrzejL PCLinuxOS Forum Member
Whiteboard: dupme
What happens if you rename "Misiasty The Hamster" to "Misiasty_The_Hamster"?
(no space character in file path)
How about "Misiasty The_Hamster"? (single space only)

Comment 3

9 years ago
If You rename the file to Misiasty_The_Hamster.jpg (and the path to the file contains no spaces for example /home/andrzejl/Desktop/Documents/Graphics/Photos/Misiasty_The_Hamster/Misiasty_The_Hamster.jpg) then the file will be sent without a problems - I just checked it. 100% successful sending and receiving of the file.

If You rename the file to contain one space only Misiasty_The Hamster.jpg (and the path to the file contains no spaces for example /home/andrzejl/Desktop/Documents/Graphics/Photos/Misiasty_The_Hamster/Misiasty_The Hamster.jpg) it won't be sent.

Here is the error message for the one space filename.

If You need any more information or command outputs... let me know. I would really like to help getting it fixed.

Bug 379053 looked WORKSFORME with Tb 3.0b4pre.
Regrssion? Reminig or unresolved Linux only issue?

Comment 5

9 years ago
Not sure... It was pointed to me sometime (roughly about 2 weeks) ago by another forum user. I am using Thunderbird with Picasa at the moment and it works just fine with this patch.

I was trying to move away from Picasa and I have heard that DigiKam is able to do what I want to do BUT there is a downside %20 bug. About that... I also tried it (on my 2nd machine) with the Thunderbird 3.1.1 and the DigiKam 1.3.0 and it gives me exactly the same error.


Comment 6

9 years ago
Exactly the same error on upgraded 3.1.2 ThunderBird.


Similar problem of Firefox on Mac OS X was fixed by Bug 530064( fixed).
Linux version of Bug 530064?
Or digikam/Tb/Linux version of Bug 549680(DreamWeaver/Fx/Mac)?.
Confirming, my guess is this isn't a core bug.
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Comment 9

9 years ago
Mark :) good to hear from You.

I am not alone.

Would You mind posting more info about the software versions?

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The fix

From what I can tell, now that we've got the new code to handle file arguments, this should be a simple unescape of a URI passed to us on the command line. Seems to work fine in tests.
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The fix

I'm willing to believe.
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