Create an interface so that we can link to input on all-beta instead of hendrix



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On this page:

We still point people to hendrix. It would be nice for input to have a web interface that asks them the type of input (happy/sad) and then directs them to the same happy/sad pages that the addon uses. Then we can point them at the input system rather than hendrix!

Perhaps this should be the default view and the dashboard should be tucked behind
The only product in Input is Firefox.  How about making the Hendrix form add the happy/sad choice and submit the message to input instead of the newsgroups if you pick Firefox from Hendrix' menu?

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9 years ago
Less than ideal as hendrix is ugly. I'll reduce this scope and say we only want to replace hendrix on all-beta.html.
Summary: Create an interface so that we can link to input everywhere instead of hendrix → Create an interface so that we can link to input on all-beta instead of hendrix
Reducing scope is a good idea :) and possibly linking to might be a pretty good option here.
clegnitto: if Hendrix is ugly, then we can restyle it. There's this great thing called CSS which I hear is good for that ;-) I would welcome someone to come and do another design for it. It's currently based on an older design, I think.

Alternatively, changing Input to allow more different products would also be awesome. It looks like the infrastructure is in place for that. Can we turn it on?

Gerv, we're still refining the dashboard and workflow there. I'd love to add them in there though.
What is this bug requesting on the Input side of things? If you want to link to our /happy and /sad pages, go right ahead, it'll work. If you want to change, we should push this bug over to there.


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