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8 years ago
This is exacerbated by bug 579123.  If I edit in a revision, I may prefer to simply "save" a new revision, rather than fork a copy.  It seems that choice is not available.
Can't replicate, are you sure you're not in view source mode?
I'm creating a bug "Add [Edit] button to view source mode navigation if user is the author of the package".

To answer to this bug I'd need a URL of the addon you were editing
The best would be to see a screenshot with URL bar and full menu.

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8 years ago
At I see only buttons for "Test", "Download", "Copy" and "Revisions".  Even if I edit the code here, those buttons do not change.  I can add a screenshot if this is still not reproducible for you.
This is a "view source" mode - you'e just been mislead by editable source (should change after updating to the new version od Bespin and adding "[Edit]" button in the menu)
Edit link would be (guessing)

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8 years ago
That makes sense, except that it still seems I should be able to View a previous revision and edit/save it as a new rev, not a fork of the whole project.  Your "Add [Edit]" bug should probably cover this?  If so, feel free to dupe this one there.
I renamed the bug - there is no url created for editing a specific version.
It does work for the revisions:

There are no links displayed to edit mode of specific versions/revisions, 
It was Myk's request as the revisioning is not fully implemented (one can use the existing URLS and saving does work).
Summary: Can't "save" while editing inside a revision of my project, can only "copy" → Can't access edit mode of a specific version
This seems like it is being addressed in upcoming changes and with future build out of the revisions system. For now, this is as-designed, even though it may not be optimal.
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7 years ago
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