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In Firefox window.statusbar.visible always returns true if status bar is hidden


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window.statusbar will return the statusbar object of the window. And
window.statusbar.visible will return true, if the status bar is visible. The
issue here is , even if the status bar is hidden in my current window, the
window.statusbar.visible returns true. 

My requirement is to identify if the status bar is visible or hidden in firefox using javascript.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1.Open a URL in Firefox and enter.
2.Hide the status bar.
3.Open console and test window.statusbar.visible

Actual Results:  
It returns true 

Expected Results:  
actual result is false.

If we set false to window.statusbar.visible, the status bar is not
hidden.Similarly if we set to true, the status bar is not visible.
AFAICT this is a duplicate of bug 55820
Closed: 14 years ago
Resolution: --- → DUPLICATE
Since the HTML specifications suggests that window.statusbar.visible should return true when the statusbar is visible and false when the statusbar is hidden, it must be an essential parameter of the window object. If it is not feasible , please suggest how to identify if the status bar is hidden or visible in Firefox. In Safari, we are able to determine the existence of statusbar using window.statusbar.visible.
It may be possible to do from a web page in a web browser. It isn't possible in Firefox. If it's really important, you could write an extension that exposes this information to the web page.
> It may be possible to do from a web page in a web browser.

Er, read: It may be impossible to get the information about the browser's UI from a web page. It is in fact impossible in Firefox currently.
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