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7 years ago
shown on downloads breakdown page:
How are downloads counted?
Download counts are updated every evening and only include original add-on downloads, not updates. Downloads can be broken down by the specific source referring the download.

shown on all daily users pages:
What are daily users?
Add-ons downloaded from this site check for updates once per day. The total number of these update pings is known as Active Daily Users. Daily users can be broken down by add-on version, operating system, add-on status, application, and locale.

shown on download sources page:
Tracking external sources
If you link to your add-on's details page or directly to its file from an external site, such as your blog or website, you can append a parameter to be tracked as an additional download source on this page. For example, the following links would appear as sourced by your blog:

   * Add-on Details Page - https://addons.mozilla.org/addon/1865?src=external-blog
   * Direct File Link - https://addons.mozilla.org/downloads/latest/1865/addon-1865-latest.xpi?src=external-blog

Only src parameters that begin with "external-" will be tracked, up to 61 additional characters. Any text after "external-" can be used to describe the source, such as "external-blog", "external-sidebar", "external-campaign225", etc. The following URL-safe characters are allowed: alphanumeric - . _ ~ % +

The links in the download sources text should be the add-on id of the currently-viewed add-on and the parameter should be bold. (See the current implementation for an example)

If the text is too long for the normal box (such as with download sources), there should be a "more" link that expands the rest.

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