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8 years ago
many users still comment on sumo / kb articles despite the warning that they won't get a response [1]. And we can expect this to get worse when we upgrade v2 users to v3. Comments unrelated to articles: 
a) cause people who "watch" these articles to get change notification to get needless email, and 
b) users don't get help/responses they need, because it's not the right venue, plus we have no way of reaching them.

I think we had an iteration on this many months ago, but let's try again to improve topic trailers. we should probably actually mock this up, but as a starting point of ideas...

1. improve organization:
can we move "Still need help?" to be after "more resources"?
so that "Submit article feedback" is next to the two other article feedback bits with yes/no buttons

2. "still need help?" seems too long to me, and somewhat confusing. and there is an extra blank line. We should probably try to reduce the 8 lines of text to no more than 3.  "less is more". Firefox at http://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/Mozilla+Crash+Reporter simply has  
"Still need help? Ask a support question.
Help us. Report any errors or unclear steps in this article."

But perhaps we (thunderbird) changed this earlier from Firefox's wording because we still got questions as feedback? (i no longer remember)

3. improve "article feedback" wording:

existing wording
Submit article feedback
Note that we will not respond to your feedback about this article. However, it will be visible to contributors to this site and may be used to improve this article.
If you need help with solving a Thunderbird problem: ask a support question

Submit article feedback
Do not submit problems or questions please. If you need help solving a Thunderbird problem, please visit the support site mentioned above, because we do not respond to article feedback. Feedback is used  only to /improve/ articles.

or "If you need help with solving a Thunderbird problem: ask a support question

[1] a few example comments...
An anonymous user commented on the page 'New in Thunderbird 3':
just downloaded Thunderbird 3, and message pane (previously called preview pane), has all the paths first, then the message below.  How can I get rid of the top part, and just have the actual message in the message pane?   Thank You.
An anonymous user commented on the page 'Profiles':
What would be MOST helpful would be to have an option on IMPORT to import mail, addresses, etc from a different attached hard drive to Thunderbird.  
This is used much more often than other existing options. 
An anonymous user commented on the page 'New in Thunderbird 3':
Instructions tell me how to bring back "sent" folder, but it does not appearand emails are not recorded anywhere I can find
Please give us back the sent folder asap...I don't even know how I lost it.
An anonymous user commented on the page 'Keyboard shortcuts':
Installing the new version of Thunderbird, the main window font size is too small. I know how to change the message window size, but how about the window I see all day long?  It's not in SETTINGS that I can find.  Not in OPTIONS either.
An anonymous user commented on the page 'Keyboard shortcuts':
perche prima ,riesco ascaricare gli eimel ,ei esemes.adeso nonposso piu,come mai
> many users still comment on sumo / kb articles 

I think one of reasons is next.
  Thunderbird's Help/Help Contents == link to Knowledge Base top page  
  At Knowledge Base top page, link of "Mozilla Messaging" at next first row,
    Mozilla Messaging / Administration / Thunderbird Knowledge Base
  is link to /en-US/kb/ (link to myself).
User can't get out from Knowledge Base while user cliks link in the page. To get out from Knowledge Base, user has to click logo of "mozilla messaging" or others in navigation tab placed at top of the page. 
I think users try to find a way to put his request at the page, and user easily find "Login" link at right side, and after login, user easily find "Edit this page". As user is coducted to the page from Help/Help Contents, user doesn't think he is updating Knowledge Base article. 

I think next changes are better to be made.
(1) Change Tb's Help/Help Contents to link to Support top page.
Help/Help Contents was/is for embed Help document of Mozilla/SeaBonkey. But current Kb contents can't be alternative of the embed help document. Support top page is better, because a way to put problem report or question is provided at the Support top page.
(2) Change "mozilla messaging" link of pages in Knowledge Base articles to link to top page of Mozilla Messaging, in order to avoid user's confusion.
(3) At top page of "Support", explicitely say "Knowledge Base" and put a link to "Knowledge Base" in addition to links to each Knowledge Base article.
(4) Improve design of Support Top Page(Layout is not so bad).
Structure of "Support" site is not visible. It's hard to know "What kind of data user can get at where in the Support site".
For wording of current "Post new comment" at Knowledge Base article.

As user went Knowledge Base page to find a place where he can pass question, help req, complaint, ... , to Mozilla Messaging company, "Post new comment"(shown if user logins) is very attractive for user. And, once some comments are posted to the article, the article looks as if a forum thread.
Other wording like "Feedback to improve this Kb article" may be a workaround for ordinal users.
Move the "comment posting" under "Actions" menu, like MozillaZine's/Mozilla Wiki's Discussion(Talk), may be better.

The "Post new comment" feature looks for Blog like use. Showing comment/Talk always is really required for Knowledge Base?
This code is gone in 2.x.
Last Resolved: 7 years ago
Resolution: --- → INCOMPLETE
Ugh, sorry, another SuMoMo bug :( Well, feel free to reopen if you want to fix before upgrading.

Comment 5

7 years ago
don't need a backport for me, but I'll have to serve judgement until I see it :)
Most likely I'll be happy if roland and wada are happy. 
(roland sez you can lock comments in Kitsune KB)

Roland is working on this, so reopening to assure further comment.
Resolution: INCOMPLETE → ---
I have made some changes with :jenzed's help
Any further changes will have to be done in a new bug and will be done in Kitsune KB once we have rolled out Kitsune KB

Gozer: please commit the following SVN revisions to staging and then assign to :sancus to get it committed to production:
1. Roland-Tanglaos-MacBook-Pro-2:momokb rolandtanglao$ svn commit -m "add a link to post a question of your own in tiki-searchresults.tpl" tiki-searchresults.tpl 
Sending        tiki-searchresults.tpl
Transmitting file data .
Committed revision 83164.
2. Roland-Tanglaos-MacBook-Pro-2:momokb rolandtanglao$ svn commit -m "wiki-feedback.tpl fix when not logged in  as per further feedback from jenzed" wiki-feedback.tpl 
Sending        wiki-feedback.tpl
Transmitting file data .
Committed revision 83066
3. Roland-Tanglaos-MacBook-Pro-2:momokb rolandtanglao$ svn commit -m "minor typo changes to wiki-feedback and comments.tpl" wiki-feedback.tpl comments.tpl Sending        comments.tpl
Sending        wiki-feedback.tpl
Transmitting file data ..
Committed revision 83064.
Assignee: nobody → gozer
Sending        staging
Sending        staging/scripts
Sending        staging/webroot
Sending        staging/webroot/templates/styles/momokb/comments.tpl
Sending        staging/webroot/templates/styles/momokb/tiki-searchresults.tpl
Sending        staging/webroot/templates/styles/momokb/wiki-feedback.tpl
Transmitting file data ...
Committed revision 83227.
To production

Committed revision 83241.

Comment 9

7 years ago
Text below. Looks better to me. 

Still need help? Check out the Thunderbird community support site (see also 3rd party support forums like MozillaZine's forums) You can search through other Thunderbird users' questions, and, if you still can't find an answer, post a question of your own.
Correct or expand this article's content by leaving a comment. Use the Thunderbird community support site to ask a question.

"Correct ..." leads to 

Submit article comment

DO NOT post questions or problems - use the Thunderbird community support site instead. Comments that do not expand or correct the article will be deleted.

If you need help with solving a Thunderbird problem: ask a support question

"DO NOT post questions or problems"

would make more sense as:

"DO NOT post questions or problems here"
Assignee: gozer → nobody
since we have switched to kitsune, i am going to set this as "wont fix"
if we need to fix the text in kitsune, please file a new bug
Last Resolved: 7 years ago7 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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