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What are we doing with usernames?


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We need a name that fits into urls.  "Justin Scott (fligtar)" is not a good url piece.

We talked about making nickname a "display name" and moving firstname + lastname into nickname for those with no nicknames.  Then we'll need another column for something that's safe in urls.

I can't wait for your epic user deletion + nickname blog post.
Current behavior:
* there are 3 name-related fields: first name, last name, nickname. at least one must be filled in
* Nickname is unique but has no character restrictions. If nickname is not empty, it is used across the site
* First name and last name are separate fields and are used if nickname is empty to identify the user across the site.
* Nickname is used to log in to the forums

Places names are displayed: add-on author bylines, reviews, forums, editor reviews, collections, profiles

This is overly complicated and little understood, so this is nice occasion to revamp the system to meet our new needs anyway.


Proposed behavior:
* Username is a new field that is required for all users. It is unique and must have URL-safe characters (alphanumeric - _)
* Display name is a single field without restrictions that is optional. It can be used for a first name, last name, another username, anything.
* Username is used across the site to identify the user, unless a display name has been set.
* Username may also be used in URLS, such as with collections

* Username will be populated from the nickname first, followed by first and last name if nickname is not set. Any character restrictions should be applied (e.g., removing spaces) and duplicates should be avoided by appending numbers (fligtar1, fligtar2).

* Display name should be populated in the same way but without the character restrictions or de-duplication.

Example: My nickname is "Justin Scott (fligtar)". My username would become justin-scott-fligtar (until I change it) and my display name would become "Justin Scott (fligtar)"

The forums should switch to using username as opposed to nickname.

The old nickname, first, and last name fields can then be removed.
sounds good to me
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