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[fr] Update Amazon, eBay and Wikipedia logos for search plugins


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(firefox18 fixed, firefox19 fixed)

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The favicon for for Firefox 4 beta 2 has white artifacts around the A, the white pixels should probably be transparent, maybe we are using a gif image with no real transparency instead of png. This is very visible on a dark theme like Ubuntu's default, I don't know for other platforms but I believe Windows Seven also uses a dark theme and might be affected as well.

See screenshot.
Is this a regression against beta 1 or even 3.6.7?
This is not a regression, 3.6.7 also has a bad icon, I hadn't noticed before because the Linux distro version that I used does not ship with the search plugin but the en-US one which has a different favicon 
(beta 1 was en-US only btw)
Thanks Pascal. Kev, is that an already known problem?
Sort of a dupe of bug 580510, I guess. New icons were provided in bug 421613, but they weren't updated in localized plugins.
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> Sort of a dupe of bug 580510, I guess.

Er, bug 421745, I mean.
what gavin said. what's in the en-US defaults is the icon Amazon has auth'd for distribution. if it's not changed in the locales, it should be on all current branches as soon as possible.
Keywords: productization
Pascal, can we close this bug?
The Amazon logo in the French build is not the same as the one in the en-US build.
Blocks: 421745
As well as Wikipedia & Ebay.

Is there any reason that would prevent me from taking those in en-US files to update fr?
I don't think so - I'd recommend you do exactly that!
(In reply to Théo Chevalier [:tchevalier] from comment #9)
> Wikipedia
French (map of the world) and en (W) Wikipedia search plugin logos were different at the beginning (bug 380785). I don't know why.

> Ebay.
It's a consequence of bug 812682.
Severity: trivial → normal
Depends on: 812682, 421613
OS: Linux → All
Hardware: x86 → All
Summary: Firefox 4 beta 2, French version, favicon for looks bad, it probably has no transparency → [fr] Update Amazon, eBay and Wikipedia logos for search plugins
Guess we can close this bug
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Please always request review before landing changes to search plugins and, they're just too easy to get wrong.

Milos, can you do post-mortem reviews here?
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yep, as per , this is postmortem r+.
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