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The browser stop to renderize the page while i dont move the mouse.


(Firefox :: General, defect)

3.6 Branch
Windows 7





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After the update to de lastest firefox (3.6.7) today, the browser stops renderization while i dont move the mouse.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1.Open the browser
2.Digit the URL
3. And press enter =D
Actual Results:  
The browse runs perfectlly, but, the page only renderizes if i keep moving the mouse.

Expected Results:  
Renderize the page like before the update.
Version: unspecified → 3.6 Branch
I don't know when firefox bug are active but i can confirm this problem, in different pc and different time when i have one more schedule or page opened, firefox don't download file or don't load page if you don't move the mouse without stopping. this bug is very bad.

I CAN CONFIRM THIS PROBLEM AND I WAIT FOR RESOLUTION. for see this bug, people, please, use firefox!!!
this proble are in version 5.01 of firefox
I can confirm this bug. My details:

64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1
32-bit Firefox 7.0.1 with a number of add-ons.

Windows, Firefox, and all of the browser add-ons/extensions and plugins are up-to-date.

It is the strangest thing. Just as the original bug reporter said, there are times when Firefox stops drawing and halts everything until I move the mouse cursor, and only while I am moving the cursor does activity continue. Basically, in order for me to load any page when Firefox is experiencing this problem, I need to move the mouse cursor rapidly over the browser window. It seems that the whole browser stops. For example, the blinking caret when a text box has focus, graphical changes in Download Statusbar, the spinning circle in the URL field that indicates when data is being downloaded, all rendering, animated Flash advertisements, and even the JavaScript interpreter just freeze until I move the mouse. I know that the JavaScript interpreter is frozen because on sites that use JS animations, it's not like the effects of the animations continue "in the background" and only when I move the mouse does the browser re-draw the web page now that the animation has completed. Everything is frozen.

As I type this comment into the textarea on Bugzilla, Firefox is experiencing this problem. I am not moving the mouse cursor and the text caret is not blinking (remaining a solid vertical line); however, the characters that I am typing are appearing.

This seems to happen after extended use of Firefox (several hours of being open, and if I recall correctly, after I placed my computer in Sleep and restored it to normal operation). To fix the problem, I can just re-start Firefox. I'm not sure how or even if it's possible to devise a 100% reproducible test case as it has only happened after prolonged use and the problem starts at seemingly random times.

I was thinking that this could use a screen cast so that the developers know what we're talking about. But, when I tried to use CamStudio's capture active window feature, it strangely did not work. I then tried CamStudio's capture region feature and all of a sudden, I was not only able to make a screen cast, but the problem temporarily disappeared while CamStudio was recording! This led me to thinking that perhaps it was working in recording a region (as opposed to the active window) because CamStudio was performing the equivalent of a rapid number of Print Screens. Sure enough, if I rapidly press the PRTSC button on my keyboard while Firefox is experiencing this freeze-up problem and trying to load a page, then it has the same effect as rapidly moving the mouse cursor, namely, rapidly pressing PRTSC unfreezes the rendering.
See Also: → 933733
Severity: normal → S3
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